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SeaPay® Insurance

SeaPay® Insurance offers comprehensive and customisable coverage, liability protection, 24/7 assistance, competitive rates with discounts, and peace of mind for all types of vessels.

SeaPay® Pay-Per-Play Insurance

Pay-per-play yacht insurance offers a range of advantages to yacht owners, providing the flexibility and convenience of only paying for coverage when usage requires it. This typically means insurance cost savings, since payments are only made when the yacht is actually used, rather than having to maintain year-round coverage. Pay-per-use yacht insurance can offer additional advantages such as lower rates and flexible time frames, making it easy to customize an ideal coverage plan.

Understanding the Premium Costs of Pay-per-use Yacht Insurance

Pay-per-play yacht insurance is risk protection that allows yacht owners to pay a premium each time they use their vessel, based on their individual risk profile. Premiums are determined by a variety of factors, including the type and size of yacht, age, usage and coverage limits. Understanding the cost of pay-per-use yacht insurance can help yacht owners make informed decisions on their coverage.