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Marine banking

Financial Powerhouse

In order to stay competitive in the age of innovation, businesses are increasingly referring to the services of digital banks. It is the simplest way to optimize money management, especially for companies operating on an international scale. At SeaPay® we have developed solutions for business owners that want to be ahead of others and eliminate all the hassle related to everyday financial operations.

We have tailored our services to the industry we understand and care about deeply

Take advantage of a modern digital banking tool that will empower you and simplify everyday financial tasks. A SeaPay® account allows you to execute international transfers online, make purchases, withdraw funds and so much more in a fast and seamless mode. We give you an opportunity to break free from the conventions of traditional banking and strive to satisfy your ever-evolving financial needs in the best way.

SeaPay® Membership

A Mix Between An Insurance Card & A Letter Of Credit
Two Tiers One Goal

SeaPay® Network

Our exclusive membership programs come in two colors – Noire & Blanche. You can’t get the SeaPay® Carte Blanche membership card unless you’re registered as the UBO of a fleet or a vessel. This makes our cards probably the most exclusive offering on the market. Our membership cards work as a mix between insurance and credit note, allowing merchants to pre-authorize purchase intents by SeaPay® clients, turning payment guarantees into a one QR code scan.

A Special Service For The Industry

Our membership program can be extended to UBOs, Managers, Owner Representatives & Crew Members. There are only two tiers available and each comes with its own set of exclusive perks and pre-arrangements, all very useful for the mariners and vessel owners as well as their supervisors and asset managers. Our membership includes a VIP Concierge service that can act as your vessel & port agent, arranging any request in due time.

Different Accounts for Different Needs

Choose the right account for you

SeaPay® Me - Seafarer Personal Bank Account

An account for seafarers, crew & vessel owners. Fees starting from 5€ per month.

SeaPay® Network - Corporate Bank Account

An account for legal entities registered in the EU & UK. Fees starting from 50€ per month.

SeaPay® World - Corporate Bank Account

An account for legal entities registered outside the EU & UK. Fees starting from 70€ per month.

Always Compliant

Taxes & Social Security Automated

At SeaPay® we take your compliance very seriously, opening an account gets you one step closer to your tax payments and social security. We help you identify your personal tax & social liabilities and pay taxes for you. We work closely with your employer to provide timely reports on your compliance status and you can always enjoy a no headache approach to your finances. That means no blocks on your accounts and easy international transfers without tedious checks.

Marine Finance Management Simplified

SeaPay® Fleet

Navigating the complexities of maritime financial management has never been smoother, thanks to SeaPay® Fleet. Our app brings the full spectrum of web app features to the palm of your hand, ensuring you have the tools you need, whenever and wherever you need them. Designed with the unique needs of the maritime industry in mind, SeaPay® Fleet is your all-in-one solution for efficient and effective fleet financial management.

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