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SeaPay® approach to compliance is top of the line. We have our own deep-investigation department that is 100% independent and has values apart from high-end tools.


When in doubt leave it to us. We have helped our clients navigate through difficult investigations that lead to real deep understanding of who they are working with.

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Financial Security

We can help you recover debts and, most importantly, prevent debentures from happening.

Compliance as a Service (CaaS) is a rapidly growing trend in the banking industry, as it provides banks with the ability to meet the ever-increasing demands of regulators and customers for greater transparency. CaaS is a cloud-based service that helps banks to manage their compliance requirements, such as anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) regulations. By leveraging the latest technology, CaaS enables banks to automate their compliance processes, streamline their operations, and reduce their costs.

CaaS provides banks with a comprehensive suite of compliance solutions, including automated customer onboarding, transaction monitoring, and risk assessment. This helps banks to quickly identify and address any potential compliance issues, while also providing customers with greater transparency into their banking activities. Additionally, CaaS helps banks to stay up-to-date with the latest regulatory requirements, ensuring that they remain compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.

CaaS also helps banks to improve their customer experience by providing them with a secure and transparent banking experience. By leveraging the latest technology, banks can provide customers with real-time access to their accounts, as well as detailed information about their transactions. This helps customers to better understand their banking activities and make informed decisions about their finances.