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SeaPay® Escrow Service

Transaction support for yachts & transport vessels
Welcome to SeaPay® Escrow Service

We specialise in providing escrow services for the secure and hassle-free sale and purchase of vessels. We focus on ensuring smooth, stress-free transactions between buyers and sellers worldwide.

Why choose SeaPay®?

We acknowledge the intricacies of the maritime industry and the significant investments involved in vessel transactions. Our escrow service acts as a secure, neutral third-party holding funds until every term of the sale agreement is met, thereby safeguarding both buyer and seller interests.

Benefits of using SeaPay® Escrow Service include:

1. Security: Your funds are held securely in our UK-based escrow account until all transaction terms are fulfilled.

2. Transparency: We offer clear, regular updates throughout the transaction process, ensuring you have complete visibility and peace of mind.

3. Efficiency: Our experienced team assures a rapid, seamless transaction process, significantly reducing time-to-completion.

4. Compliance: We uphold the highest compliance standards, guaranteeing every transaction aligns with UK and international legalities.

Our escrow process is user-friendly and easy to understand:

1. Both buyer and seller agree on the sale terms, including the price and inspection period for the vessel.
2. The buyer deposits the agreed funds into our secure SeaPay® Escrow account.
3. Once the funds are secured, we notify the seller to transfer the vessel to the buyer for inspection.
4. If the vessel satisfies the agreed conditions, the buyer informs SeaPay®, and we release the funds to the seller.
5. If the vessel does not meet the conditions, upon receipt of the vessel by the seller, we return the funds to the buyer.

If you have any queries, or you’d like to start using SeaPay® Escrow Service for your vessel transactions, feel free to reach out. Our dedicated team of maritime escrow professionals is ready to guide you through each step of the process.